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Solutions for industries and enterpreises to gain value from blockchain powered supply chain ecosystem with built-in trust, automation and privacy.


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Highly customizable and easily integrated with existing systems, the Brandzledger platform allows the safe and rapid management of complex and fragmented supply chains.

Insert, track and modify a product with related information and descriptions using the web interface and associated REST services.

Share reliable and immutable information with any authorized stakeholder in order to track the origins and movements of separate components or entire products.

Brandzledger is a blockchain-based offering of cloud services tailor-made for supply chain processes.

Our platform uses permissioned, enterprise blockchain technology to develop
and establish trust amongst either collaborating or competing stakeholders in
any process involving a transaction during the whole product or service life cycle, from beginning to end.

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Percentage of business executives who agree that inefficiencies are caused by multiple internal systems that don't "talk" to each other

Platform –                    Key Areas


Made to empower brands with trustable data, ensuring secure, invulnerable and transparent information exchange, Brandzledger simplifies the integration of blockchain technology into existing enterprise solutions.

Track and Trace

Map out each stage of your supply chain in order to monitor the origins and movements of separate or whole components of a product.

Document Management

Render document filing and data storage immutable in their conservation over time, permitting the secure indexing, sharing and rapid recovery of information.


Permanently and reliably record the origin of each product and their progress through complex supply chains.


Permanently record and timestamp each participant’s operation to mitigate risk through the assessment of planning, execution and decision-making.


Program smart contracts to set specific conditions as prerequisites for operations to take place accurately and swiftly.


Share transparent and verified data with approved participants, both internal and external, for perfectly integrated coordination amongst channel stakeholders.

Asset Lifecycle

Track equipment lifecycles across stakeholders, recording manufacturing data, original and subsequent sales of equipment, regulatory agreements, service and maintenance records, contracts, and more.


Digitize all paper trails and ownership, preventing forgery and tracing products throughout their lifecycles, including service records and changes of ownership. 

Loyalty Programs

Give both loyalty providers and customers the flexibility of accumulating and using their rewards, enabling transactions to be recorded and accessed by multiple involved parties in near real-time.


Luxury Goods

Food &




Protect your brand from counterfeiting and enable product sustainability

Guarantee your consumers transparency of origin and food safety

Render all pharmaceutical and device production lines traceable

Digitize the process to collaborate across companies and authorities and reduce the paperwork

Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions

Brandzledger is part of Mangrovia, a software house that provides consulting, development and support services for blockchain solutions. The services offered by Mangrovia include data management, the development of smart contracts and machine learning solutions.

For two years in a row among the 8 companies included by Gartner in the “Representative Blockchain Specialists” category of the annual report, the parent company is also part of INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

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