Setting a new standard

From sourcing to procurement, to logistics, inventory management and conversion, Brandzledger implements a coordination between channel stakeholders that is both seamless and secure, providing suppliers, intermediaries, third-party providers and customers tamper-proof data that is immutable, traceable and easily verified.


How it works

 All location points in a production line are nodes within our solution, each assigned to one administrative user group, in charge of either certifying or validating a specific production phase.

Products are given unique code identifiers. These product IDs allow the traceability of: each stage of the product’s entire production line, every user that has come into contact with its verification and data registration, and a timestamp for every single new data entry. 

Users connect from devices pegged to their individual IDs, permitting them to register pre-authorised operations effected on a product.


  • Nodes are servers that permit users’ devices to connect to and use Brandzledger.
  • Nodes may be on-premise (physically at a client’s location), or hosted on a cloud.
  • All nodes possess a copy of the blockchain.


  • Contain product identifiers (product IDs).
  • Any tag may be used as long as they allow a user to identify (read/interpret with device) them. Tags may be either magnetic, metallic, or made of paper.
  • Tags may contain barcodes, QR or Data Matrix codes, RFID/NFC tags or any new technology that might be available in the future.


  • Required to register an operation.
  • May be PCs, embedded PCs or smartphones
  • Users interact with the solution using either a web interface or a mobile app
  • Applications/ IoT devices interact with the solution using a REST/API interface, connecting to principal nodes on Brandzledger and selected blockchain.


  • May be persons, applications, or IoT hardware.
  • Can belong to one or more groups.
  • User groups are assigned permission to: create, register, certify, validate, comment on, attach documentation, associate to other products, or break down into sub-products.