Blockchain meets

Interactions made trustworthy.

A new standard for anti-counterfeiting & traceability solutions is here.

We implement blockchain technology to develop and establish trust in any process involving a transaction during the whole product life cycle, from the beginning to the end. Every transaction is recorded permanently on the blockchain ledger: this database is immutable and secure. This way we help Brands with:


Currently supply chains can span over hundreds of stages and dozen of geographical locations, which makes it very hard to trace events or investigate incidents. With our software solution all transactions are recorded on a single database which can be easily consulted and analyzed.


Transparent, verified data is shared with approved participants, both internal (suppliers, distributors, etc) and external (end-consumers), with authorised viewing permission. Be it perfectly integrated coordination between channel stakeholders or compelling stories of each product’s origin to consumers, Brandzledger’s solution guarantees quality assurance and upholds brand reputation through the secure information it provides.


Alarms are set in place in order to trigger automatic notifications or actions that relevant parties must take. Swift reaction is thus permitted to any changes in the supply chain, both foreseeable and unforeseeable. Features include 24/7 global monitoring, optimisation of production phases and anomaly detection in processes.


Through a unique product identity, each item is verified along the whole supply line. With a simple app both the Brand and the final customer can check the authenticity of a product.By recording where goods are placed on the market, the Brand can also distinguish grey goods and identify where they left the supply chain and control leaks from selective distribution. 

Blockchain is a strategy, not only a technology.
Brandzledger is a blockchain-based offering of cloud services tailor-made
for supply chain processes. Made to empower brands with trustable data,
ensuring secure, invulnerable and transparent information exchange,
Brandzledger simplifies the integration of blockchain technology into
existing enterprise solutions.

We create trust.

From sourcing to procurement, to logistics, inventory management 
and conversionBrandzledger implements a coordination between channel stakeholders that is both seamless and secure, providing suppliers, intermediaries, third-party providers and customers tamper-proof data that is immutable, traceable and easily verified.


Registered transactions identify the parties involved, the price, date, location, quality of the product and any other information relevant to managing the supply chain.


Large-scale retail trade, multi-brands boutiques, both physical or on-line, can validate the authenticity of the items for sale by recording them on the blockchain.


With a simple app final customers can check the authenticity of a product, its provenance or discover the behind the scenes.

About us.

Mangrovia is a software technology firm providing consulting, development and support services for blockchain solutions.
Services include data management, smart contract development and machine learning.
Ours is a unique ability to integrate blockchain technology with existing or legacy system, basing our solutions off customers’ needs and developing modular software components pertinent to their existing applications.
Apart from being IBM and Oracle business partners, we are part of both INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).



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